Modular ingredient handling system

In this video we present a complete powder and bulk solids handling system for unloading, storing, transporting, feeding and mixing whilst preventing cross-contamination.

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Daxner Technology stands for high throughput performance and optimized automation, maximum operational efficiency combined with minimized cleaning downtime, sturdy equipment design and longevity.

Simultaneously our solutions stand for full flexibility for product changeovers as well as uncompromised hygienic design.



State-of-the-art plant technology sets the bar high for future quality standards

„We are building Europe‘s most innovative factory for herbs and spices“, claims the proud woner when
talking about his new milestone for the future in Zwolle (Netherlands).

The showcase plant was taken into operation in 2019. It was built on an area the size of 5 soccer fields, houses a 29 m high bay storage and was awarded the BREEAM Excellent Sustainability Certificate. First and foremost the plant enables Euroma, known as pioneer of gentle herb processing, to increase the production volume and reach a new level of food safety.

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The technically impressive plant design guarantees a high throughput performance and dosing accuracy. The possibility of cross contaminations and dust formation was reduced to a minimum. According to the hygienic design requirements, all components were executed in stainless steel and designed for easy cleaning.

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Fully automated collection system with Daxner Container Systems DCS in connection with the Automated Guided Vehicle system AGV Container series DCHD in hygienic design, volume capacity 1,200 ltr, CIP compatible

Precise dosing delivers the perfect mix every time!

A well-renowned food producer invested more than 30 Million in the new production facility in southern Germany where all kinds of dry mixed products like soups, sauces, bouillon, seasonings, desserts and instant meals are produced. A flexible, automated mixing and dosing plant serves the production of high-quality mixing recipes. The annual capacity reaches 40,000 tons and it delivers 12 batches of ready-mix with 2,000 ltr each per hour.

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Given the large number of orders with a small batch size and a large number of components, this represents an outstanding achievement. In addition, the plant encompasses a new contamination-free changeover for the production of a variety of recipes.

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Opening of the new Daxner innovation center and the Daxner lounge

We set the course for a sucessful future and invested into a state-of-the-art innovation center for our headquarters in Wels!

The new innovation center is 3 stories high with a total area of 660 sqm and provides 30 new ergonomic work spaces. On the ground floor you can find conference rooms eqipped with the most modern equipment as well as offices. In the two light-flooded top stories - which are connected to the existing building with a glass corridor - we made space for open-plan offices to accomodate our growing engineering team.

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Furthermore, with our Daxner lounge and the new atrium we offer our employees a modern, bright and spacious cafeteria and regeneration space which also invites to after work get togethers.


Daxner image folder bakeries englisch

Our new company folder for bakery systems

Just in time for the upcoming bakery and confectionery fairs we are happy to present to you our new company folder for bakery systems. 

On 12 pages the new company folder informs you about our customized bakery facility systems and components - the perfect way to get to know our state-of-the-art products and services.




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Ing. Johann Daxner GmbH
changes to Daxner GmbH

Past success. Great future - We, the team of Daxner, are looking forward to an exciting future with mutual projects and an ongoing partnership. Starting on 1st of September we are meeting future challenges with our new company name “Daxner GmbH”. Our utmost product quality, innovative process-engineering solutions and the customer-oriented structures of our family-run company will remain unchanged.
Effective on 1st of September 2016 our correct company details are the following:
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  • Daxner GmbH
    Vogelweiderstrasse 41 | 4600 Wels | Austria |
    Registration No.: FN 454.391 y | UID-No.: ATU 71135657 | DVR-No.: 4016628
    EORI-No: ATEOS1000076430

All contact details – already known to you – are going to be affected by only one change: the ending of the email addresses changes from to However, our general terms and conditions including our sales and delivery terms etc. shall continue to apply without any changes.
Thank you for your cooperation. We are looking forward to a continuing successful business relationship with your company!

Daxner International renamed
Daxner Germany GmbH

Within the global branding strategy of the Daxner Group we decided to align and hence rename our subsidiary company from “Daxner International GmbH” to  „Daxner Germany GmbH“ effective 1st of March 2016.

Only the company name of the subsidiary has changed. Our general terms and conditions inclusive our sales and delivery terms etc., shall continue to apply without any changes. Both company address and tax numbers will remain unchanged as well.

Hans-Jürgen Sussann

Head of Technical Department of Daxner Group

With Hans-Jürgen Sussann as new Head of Technical Department Daxner appoints an expert in the field. Starting this January, Mr. Sussann now strengthens the Daxner team as a globally leading company providing turnkey system solutions and components for handling powders and bulk goods. Thereby Daxner Bulk Solids Technology makes another important step towards an expansive development.

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Hans-Jürgen Sussann is a recognized key player within this industry in regards to extensive expertise in plant engineering and in the handling of dry and liquid ingredients. In 1982 he started his career as a design engineer at company Reimelt, 25 years later he was the managing director of the Reimelt Food Technology GmbH. After the merger of Zeppelin Reimelt GmbH with Zeppelin Systems GmbH which was integrated in the Zeppelin group in 2014, he changed his position and worked as sales director for Food & Liquids. Besides his professional qualification he has an excellent industry network and possesses a profound sense for the anticipation of needs and developments of the global market.


Daxner is a family-run company which operates worldwide and by now has grown to 200 employees. The company was established in 1984 and its headquarters are located in Wels/Austria. Daxner also provides service and support from a competence centre and fabrication site for bakery technology & liquids handling in Lauda-Könighofen/Germany, as well as through several international subsidiaries including Daxner USA, Daxner UK, Daxner LATAM, Daxner RUSSIA and Daxner ASIA PACIFIC. The scope of supply comprises besides consulting, engineering and fabrication also the installation, start-up and service of its equipment throughout the entire life cycle.


Experience Daxner!

It is our pleasure to present you our new Daxner image movie: Who we are, how we work and what basic ideas and mission statements define our company – all these competences we would like to show you in 3 minutes by inviting you to watch our company profile.

Particular thanks are due to our customers for the excellent corporation during the shooting as well as our dedicated employees for their active contribution!




CIP-able ingredient handling system with Daxner IBC System DCS

The innovative concept meets highest requirements for a modern bakery ingredient mixing facility - high throughput, utmost dosing accuracy, reduced dust generation and cross contaminations, easy cleaning inclusive CIP-cleaning and ergonomic operation.

This can be achieved by the pneumatic feeding of large components in combination with a fully automated container system for the collection of medium and small components.

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Daxner has designed a flexible, automated blending and dosing system for the production of various ready-made bakery ingredient mixes, which consist of a very large number of different ingredients, such as sugar, various flours, starches, cooking fat etc. Get to know more


Uncomprising hygienic design

Efficient, contamination-free blending with minimum space requirements: KaTech, a manufacturer of stabilizers for the foods industry assigned Daxner for the planning, delivery and installation of a gravimetric, compact designed mixing plant equipped with two separate mixing lines.

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The system, which consists of various components in hygienic design, combines high flexibility for product changeovers and utmost mixing accuracy with energy efficiency and easy cleaning.
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Reportage in Ausgabe 02/15 der brot+backwaren

Ob Inter Europol, Titan, Ströck oder Götz - von der Rohstoffannahme bis zum Kneter setzen internationale Bäckereiunternehmen auf Anlagenlösungen von Daxner. Das renommierte Medium "brot+backwaren" macht in Ausgabe 02/2015 auf das Unternehmen Daxner und die aktuellen Produktinnovationen für die backende Branche aufmerksam.
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Lesen Sie den Bericht in nebenstehendem PDF.

Top company of the month

Daxner is the awarded Top Company of the Region in March 2015! We received this special honouring by the Austrian Economic Chamber in cooperation with the local newspaper "OÖNachrichten".

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We are delighted to receive this award which reflects the continuous development of our company and the passion for our work.


BusinessForum on the theme of "Healthy Leadership"

Daxner International in Lauda-Königshofen (DE) provided the right setting for the 14th BusinessForum in March 2015. Around 80 corporate decision makers of the region gathered information on the topic "Healthy Leadership". Dr. Sebastian Spörer, head of the Performance Management Department, presented new insights about the stress perception of the human body in today´s working environment, based on findings in the field of neuro biology .

F.l.t.r.: Bernd H. Rath, Thomas Radeck, Dr. Sebastian Spörer, Peter Vogel, DI Thomas Honigfort; Photo: BERA GmbH

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Bakery Götz focuses on a high level of automation

At Bäckerei Götz, technology from Daxner International provides dry and liquid raw materials for two receiving stations. The successful Bakery business invested in an innovative production plant with highly automated raw material processing. Product innovation from Daxner are key components of the plant:

Continuous Mixer daxDou
Leftover bread/dough processor daxRec
Salt brine system daxSol

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Turn to the complete report in the PDF file on the right.



Visit of the governor of Upper Austria,
Dr. Josef Pühringer

The visit of our governor Dr. Josef Pühringer on October 28, 2014 was a major honor for our company. Governor Dr. Pühringer and his delegation, consisting of the vice mayor of Wels, Mr. Peter Lehner, and Dr. Peter Csar, had a guided tour through our modern office and production facilities in Wels.

F.l.t.r.: Peter Lehner, DI Christian Daxner, Ing. Johann Daxner, Dr. Josef Pühringer, Dr. Peter Csar


We celebrate our 30th anniversary!

On October 10, 2014 we celebrated our anniversary together with our employees and their partners with an enjoyable and inspiring event in the Minoriten Wels, a revitalized Minorite Monastery. This year, our team comprises almost 200 highly motivated staff who will make sure that our business partners will always receive premium quality products and services.

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Visit our picture gallery to the anniversary celebration: Gallery

30 years of Daxner: Success story since 1984

With 30 years of our experience and know how we are looking forward to an exciting future! Since 1984 the name Daxner has been standing for utmost quality, maximum system availability and the passion for innovative solutions, which meet the individual and specific requirements of our customers.

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We remember with great joy the past decades, modest beginnings, considerable achievements, exciting challenges, continuous growth, many development stages and the intensive, productive collaboration with our customers, numerous sales partners and suppliers. We would like to thank you for your trust in our company and your kind cooperation!

Would you like to learn more of the most significant milestones in our corporate history? Please visit our section history .


Innovative solution for bakeries: Residual bread mixer daxRec

For a long time now, comminuted granulates or pasty mixes of bread residue and water have been produced and recycled into the dough preparation stage. What is new is the way Daxner has devoted itself to this topic!

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Daxner has developed a special technique for ultrafine comminution: Through a special process, the residual bread or dough will be liquefied with a minimum of water and homogenized by a special technique of fine grinding in a rotor-stator system. The result is an extremely fine suspension, which is pumpable and will no longer segregate. This implifies the storage of the finished cream mass considerably. Get to know more!

Multifunctional milling plant and refining production line

The highly contemporary mill system and several refining processes are unified at the same place. Thus maximum flexibility and innovative product developments can be achieved at the Arnreiter Mill. This plant is completely unique due to a compact and complex design.

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An efficient network with totally automated processes was designed, including 49 new silo cells in total, multi-level cleaning processes, grinding-, refining and screening lines and an efficient bag filling and loading system. These automated processes communicate with each other through a profibus system with a superordinate controls system.


Spicing things up

Spice blend producer Almi puts its trust in the modern bulk and powder technology of Daxner. Within one and a half years one of the most modern spice blend plants emerged on an area of 30.000 square metre "on the green field".

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Daxner bulk and powder technlogy covers the whole production process: State of the art equipment provides a fully automated production. It reaches from raw material retrieval, its filling, weighing and blending to the bagging of the finished spice blends. This complete solution, which is elaborated in every detail, fulfills highest expectations in quality, capability and flexibility.


Mühlen-Neubau erfüllt
höchste Hygieneansprüche

Die Forstner Mühle aus St. Marien/Oberösterreich investierte in ein modernes, kombiniertes Mühlensystem für die Vermahlung von Weizen, Roggen und Dinkel, das höchsten Hygieneanforderungen gerecht wird.

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„Heimisches Korn – feinstes Mehl – bestes Brot“, lautet der Grundsatz der Forstner Mühle aus St. Marien/Oberösterreich, deren Erfolg sich auf ein starkes Netzwerk aus regionalen Partnern stützt. Diese hohen Qualitätsansprüche  setzt der ambitionierte Müller auch an den familiengeführten Mühlenbetrieb, was den Ausschlag für den Neubau eines kombinierten Mühlensystems für die Vermahlung von Weizen, Roggen und Dinkel gab. Hierfür wurde das Mühlendiagramm exakt an die Anforderungen und Bedürfnisse der Forstner Mühle angepasst.


Zwei getrennte Mühlensysteme
für Bioprodukte

Die Lerchenmühle Wieser aus Golling/Salzburg spezialisierte sich auf gesunde Mais- und Bioprodukte. Seit der Modernisierung kann parallel auf 2 eigenständigen Mühlensystemen auf höchstem Qualitätsniveau produziert werden.

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Um dies zu erreichen, wurden alle Möglichkeiten einer Erweiterung der (zu klein gewordenen) Mühlenanlage im vorhandenen Gebäude geprüft. Dabei galt es die bestehenden Räumlichkeiten, trotz beengter Verhältnisse, optimal auszunützen.  „Neben der Flexibilität des Produktionsprozesses war die Hygiene ein besonderes Kriterium“, erläutert Gerhard Wieser die wesentlichen Anforderungen an das neue Mühlendesign.


Die Raffinesse der Anlagenlösung von Daxner liegt im gleichzeitigen Betrieb beider getrennter Mühlensysteme. Dadurch wird eine Verdreifachung des ursprünglichen Leistungsvolumens erzielt. Ausschlaggebend für die Planung des innovativen Mühlendesigns war - neben der langjährigen Erfahrung des Projektteams – der Einsatz eines modernen 3-D-CAD Systems.

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